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vol.015 / Round-trip Letters

Web Feature
vol.015 / Round-trip Letters

Ichiko Uemoto (photographer) × Sekaikan Ozaki (musician / CreepHyp)

Two people exchange everyday thoughts about Tokyo.


Primitive Tokyo

[PLAYERS’ TALK] The bodily senses we should trust in today
Daizaburo Sakamoto (Yamabushi) × Satoko Kobiyama (Food artist)

Tokyo’s foreign residents

Arts Council Tokyo Training
Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions 2017 / MOT Satellite 2017 SPRING — by the deep rivers / Celtic Noh: “At the Hawk’s Well” / TURN Fes / Relight Project Relight Days / INFORMATION

Tokyo Transitions
Kasetsu (Calligrapher)

My Odd Plays and Fine Plays
Sukeracko (Illustrator)

Director: Ryuichiro Mori / Arts Council Tokyo
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Editorial Department: Hiroko Enjoji, Kyungna Kim, Erika Satomi / Arts Council Tokyo
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Date of publication: December 7th, 2016
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