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vol.014 / Round-trip Letters

Web Feature
vol.014 / Round-trip Letters

Daisuke Iga × Akito Inui

Two people exchange everyday thoughts about Tokyo.


Tokyo Variety

[PLAYERS’ TALK] What Movies and Music Teach Us about the True Nature of the Body
Ryosuke Nagaoka (Musician) × Yuki Yamato (Film Director)

Arts Council Tokyo Training Special Issue
With a multiplicity of art events throughout the metropolis, Tokyo’s going to have a carnival atmosphere this autumn!

The Title of Songs

Spotlight on the Tokyo Artpoint Project
Akio Hayashi × Mariko Tomomasa × Yusuke Yamagami × Reina Ashibe

Tokyo Transitions
Hitoshi Okamoto (Editor)

My Odd Plays and Fine Plays
Hattaro Shinano (Illustrator)

Director: Ryuichiro Mori / Arts Council Tokyo
Editorial Direction & Written by Nanae Mizushima
Editorial Department: Hiroko Enjoji, Kyungna Kim, Erika Satomi / Arts Council Tokyo
Editing & Written by Playce (P5-P15)
Art Direction & Design: TAKAIYAMA inc.
Photography: Isao Hashinoki / nomadica (cover, P2-P4)
Hair & Make-up: Kan Satoh / KOHL (Yuki Yamato)
Special Thanks: GAGA (P4)
Illustrations: Moeno Otsu (P5-P11)
Translation: Office Miyazaki, Inc.
Printing: Taiyo Printing Co., ltd.
Publication: Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Date of publication: September 14th, 2016
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