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vol.013 / Recommended information

Participatory and Citywide Music Festivals and Programs in Rio de Janeiro!

Ensembles Tokyo

A Participatory Music Festival in Front of Tokyo Station

Photo: Kiyoshi Arai

This is a music festival everybody creates together under the direction of musician Otomo Yoshihide. Musicians and people who have taken part in workshops in advance perform together on Gyoko Street in front of Tokyo Station. Everyone also works with Project FUKUSHIMA! to create a giant furoshiki art installation by covering the ground with furoshiki wrapping cloths gathered from around the country and fastened together.

Date and Time/ Sun. 4 Sep. 2016 15:00 open, 15:30 start (tentative)
Venue/ Gyoko Street (on the Marunouchi side of Tokyo Station)
Admission/ Free (advance workshops require a participation fee)
Artistic Director/ Otomo Yoshihide
Art and Decoration/ Project FUKUSHIMA!

Key points!

  • Choose a workshop that fits your skill level, like “OK for those with no musical experience” or “Bring whatever instrument you like.”
  • This is a rare opportunity to jam with professional musicians, and it’s a blast to play music in front of Tokyo Station!
  • Join the workshop that makes the giant furoshiki art installation and be involved right from the start in prepping the venue.

Photo: Kiyoshi Arai

Artistic Director
Otomo Yoshihide

Creating the music by ourselves, creating the venue by ourselves — this is a festival we all create together.
It’s okay to just come and watch, it’s okay to take part in workshops and come up on stage, and I hope you’ll join us as we create a new kind of festival.

Join an advance workshop!

See our official website for details about each workshop and information about how to take part.

7.19・25 / 8.28 / 9.3
Yasuhiro Yoshigaki & Orquesta Nudge! Nudge!

Anything that makes sound is okay.


8.27 / 9.3
Shinji Ishii & Ikuko Harada

Lyrics and melody, a song of Tokyo Station we all make together.


8.27 – 9.3

Turn Gyoko Street into a festival site!
Help make giant furoshiki to decorate the venue and stage! Artists will be joining in, too!


8.28 / 9.3
Shugo Tokumaru

Kids perform with instruments, adults with non-instruments.


Fred Frith

Release your musical urges with improvisational music!

Editing & Written by Rina Hirabayashi / Playce
Translation: Office Miyazaki, Inc.