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vol.016 / Recommended information

From original dance to traditional culture, there are a lot of programs that everyone can enjoy !

Performance Kids Tokyo
“Leap into space with a frog!”

Photo: Masayo Mikami
Photo: Shinya Ochida

Stage show by artists and children

Fifteen or so children recruited from the public will take part in a nine day workshop, before taking lead roles in a performance of the original dance piece they have created in the workshop with dance unit Kaeru P.

Dates/Times: March 20 (Mon.), 2017; Open:14:00; Start: 14:30
Venues: Hino Renga Hall (Hino Civic Center) Recital Hall
Tickets: Free

Photo: bozzo

Kaeru-P (Koji Ozono and Noriyasu Hashimoto), Artist

For an adult, the imaginative powers of a child are as mysterious and mind-boggling as outer space. Together with the children, we want to use these powers to tackle the challenge of something that can only be experienced at that exact moment.

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